About the Book

“HIJACKED-A Critical Change of Plans”
The True Story you’ve never heard.

Art Krull-soon to be published

In November 1979 the United States Embassy in Iran was taken over by students loyal to the Ayatollah Khomeini with over 60 hostages taken as prisoners. In January of 1980 a Delta L1011 was hijacked to Cuba with intentions to simply refuel and fly to Iran. This is the story of how the crew forced the hijacker to surrender in Cuba and the aircraft, crew and passengers safely returned to Miami.
The author captures the suspense and frustrations as the very fluid situation is met with seemingly endless changes of plans while dealing with the Government’s of Cuba, Iran and the United States.
The reader will get an idea of what an airline employee’s family life is like and a very accurate account of what it was like to be a passenger on the flight.


An excerpt from the book:

We had turned south and heading for Cuba when Don turned to Ishmael and asked to see his weapon.

“We can’t leave the country until I actually see your weapon “ Don said.

Ishmael reluctantly pulled a .25 caliber hand gun out of his pocket and showed it with this comment

“These are hollow point bullets and I put cyanide on each one”.

He also claimed to have a detonator in his other pocket connected to a bomb he had strapped around his waist. We could see that he had something in his other pocket and now had no reason to doubt that he was very serious.

A few minutes later Don turned to him again asking

“ Do you mean you put strychnine on each bullet? “

Ishmael replied,

“It’s cyanide*, don’t get theatrical with me or I’ll shoot you in the elbow and see how fast you die.”

We then realized this was not a hoax but a real hijacking with a real weapon and we were on our way to Cuba.

Hollow point bullets are designed to explode on contact and poisoning them is an old and well used means to enhance the effectiveness of the weapon. History often talks of poison darts, spears and ‘dirty bombs.