Meet the Author


Art’s Story

Arthur Krull is a native of Seattle and a graduate of the University of Washington.  He has had a successful career as a civil, military, and commercial pilot.  His being hijacked to Cuba in 1980, whie as a Second Officer on a Delta Airlines flight, changed his life.  

In the years since, he has told the story of his hijackig as a motivational speaker to audiences, who’ve often encouraged him to write a book about the experience.  

Now retired, Art lives with his wife near Paine Field in Evereet, Washington, where he has began his flying in 1967.  He is a Volunteer Ambassador at the Boeing Future of Flight Aviation Center, and he writes articles about aviation for it’s volunteer Newsletter.


This is a compelling story of how this flight crew together averted a disaster.

– Jay Hansen

Meet Art in Person

September 14, 2019

PNWA Convention | Book Signing

Join Art at the Double Tree Hotel at Seatac Airport for a meet & greet and book signing.


September 26, 2019

Mukilteo Yacht Club | Book Signing & Talk

Art & Kathy Krull will share their true story of how Art was a pilot on the Delta L10-11 that was hijacked to Cuba in January of 1980.  Book signing after the presentation.

410 14th Street, Everett, WA — Next to the old Everett Yacht Club building.