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God’s Meadow


From 1914 to 1945, the world experienced many tragic events. Foremost among those were World Wars I and II and the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 through early 1920. World War I became a training ground for the more massive and devastating World War II.
As the first shots of war sounded, two German teenagers, oblivious to the war, fell madly in love. Gerda, a brilliant girl, became a world-renowned scientist because of her research on the origination and prevention of the Spanish flu virus. That virus originated in Kansas and was carried to Europe by the American doughboys. Otto accepted an offer to fly a German air machine. He entered a cloud bank, became disorientated, and crashed into God’s Meadow. There he was visited by the spirits of Descartes, Nostradamus, and God and was assigned a mission to teach love and respect for others. His brother Karl sustained a severe brain injury during the war and was visited by the same spirits as was Otto.
After the war, Germany was in political, economic, and social disarray. By 1930, a new government evolved with world dominance as their commitment. The newly formed Nazi party kidnapped Gerda and forced her to join their staff of scientists. She refused to help with their chemical warfare department but instead accepted a position in ocean research. That department would allow her to continue her investigation of microbiology. Gerda, a Jew, knew she had to comply. The Nazis had seized her parents and Jewish friends and imprisoned them in a camp.